It’s time to flip


The ideal time to flip real estate arrived this year with home prices no longer falling, mortgage rates hovering at record lows and motivated buyers still preferring to find a home as near to perfect as possible. Flipping creates a new playing field for remodelers, realtors, investors, and builders frustrated with new construction's limited land opportunities of spot lots, expensive hard-to-find land, cheap in-the-middle-of-nowhere lots or infill properties. Refurbishing a home in disrepair can be the next best thing to new construction. … [Read more...]

Is Your Business Card Still Relevant


The age of social media and advanced communication seem destined to affect the relevance and significance of the business card and its inevitability to attract business in the world of buying, selling, building and remodeling, real estate and ancillary services. Here's a look at some of the many ways we utilize this small piece of paper. … [Read more...]

Quarter Share in Shawnee, PA


The real estate term "quarter share" home ownership often connotes confusion. How can you own a home for three months a year? Hopefully, some misconceptions will be uncovered while exploring the story of Northslope II, a vacation community of 125 townhouses nestled near the majestic ski slopes of Shawnee, Pennsylvania. … [Read more...]

Furnished Condo: Rented in One Day

Furnished Condo

"Excellent Full Service Realtor!" "Nancie Balun is simply the best realtor I have ever encountered! Nancie is both highly professional and easy to work with. As soon as I told her my condo would be available to rent in a few weeks, we met there. She made fantastic suggestions on improvements, coached me on exactly what to purchase for the condo, and staged the entire home. Now my rental property looks like it came out of a magazine! Nancie then photographed it expertly, included fabulous captions, and listed it at a higher amount than I was receiving." "She rented my property in one day and … [Read more...]

Senior Citizen’s Home: Sold in First Week

Senior Citizen’s Home

"Nancie, I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to have you help my family with the sale of my 83-year-old father’s home. By showing us how to spend a little bit of money on painting, floor refinishing, and lighting updates, we were able to get our asking price. It was amazing to watch you stage my dad’s home and to make it look so wonderful. As a result, it sold to the first young couple who came in the door; it was a wonderful feeling!" Family from Essex County, NJ 2012 … [Read more...]

Historical Morris County Home: Warm & Professional Service


"Nancie, thank you for all your work! The home stretch sounds great! Again, I really appreciate ALL of your work and efforts!" Gena, Chester, Morris County NJ 2011 … [Read more...]

Short Sale Property: Respectful & Dignified Assistance


"Thanks for all your support! There are no words that I can ever say to how much I appreciate all you did for me. Thank you is not enough. You are always welcome to call or come by. I’ll never forget!" Sally J. Van Ness, Morris County, NJ, 2010 … [Read more...]

Estate Sale: Sold in One Day


"Nancie spent two weeks to help us de-clutter, arrange for an antique dealer to purchase many of our collections and provide a wholesale contractor to install new countertops. Nancie knew exactly how to market our home, and as a result, she sold it in one day!" Mrs. Nancy Grant, Somerset County, NJ 2009 … [Read more...]

Now What? Parents Helicopter over first-time buyers


As if the real estate market isn't bad enough, I am now witnessing another obstacle in the buying and selling of homes – helicopter parents: hovering around their children while they search for their first home. According to Wikipedia, a helicopter parent is defined as a parent who hovers overhead, helping their child whether needed or not, also known as over-parenting. … [Read more...]

When it’s time to sell your parents’ home


How did you spend your summer? I have to be honest; I spent the long, hot summer nearly losing  my mind when asked to sell my parents' home. Like most realtors and marketing consultants, I thought myself to be a fairly astute sales and marketing professional for just about any type of home. … [Read more...]