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The Balun Boughton Preferred Team

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Leading the way to uphold the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of Realtors®

Nancie A. Balun Boughton, M.F.A.

New Jersey’s leading voice for Real Estate Issues and National Child Advocate for more education in home safety

Nancie has an impressive 40-year career in real estate and remains widely admired for her integrity and honesty. For ten years, she was the creative force behind builder Art Wells Ph.D., one of NJ’s premiere new home builders. As Vice President of Marketing, she garnered six marketing awards on the national, state, and local level. For the last 15 years, she has been the voice of real estate as “Ask Nancie” for the former Homes Magazine and now as New Jersey Bureau Chief for Builder & Remodeler/House Magazine, which serves the tri-state area–NJ, NY, and Conn. A former art historian, museum curator, and antique collecting instructor, Nancie also is known for being a very talented photographer, interior designer, and staging expert. Throughout her career she has been recognized for the innovative thinking she brings to the Building and Real Estate industry. In addition, she is an Advocate and Philanthropist as co-founder (along with her son Alex) she created a non-profit educational organization, the National Kids Construction Club, to promote the prevention of student-related accidents, fires, and floods in the home through school-based teachings in home building.

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Kristine Zimmermann, B.A.
(Art and Marketing)

Kristine brings a plethora of sales and negotiation skills to the team as an authority on real estate marketing as evidenced by her previous work as Market Manager for Steelcase Inc., the largest and most prestigious office furniture manufacturer in the world. A keynote speaker for eight years at Homeownership Now, she enjoyed teaching homebuyers about the real estate process.   Currently Branch Vice President of the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Office of the Bernardsville office, she strives to provide the Balun Boughton team and their clients with up-to-date market analysis of existing and pending sales, and cutting edge technology including Docu-Sign (computerized signing) and HOMEBASE (computerized lead generation), in order to make intelligent decisions about buying, selling, and negotiating a home. Clients can expect a real differential advantage in the real estate marketplace when hiring the Balun Boughton Team.

Marsha Bowen Washington, B.A. (Business Management)

Marsha has been a member of The Balun Boughton Preferred Team since 2008. Prior to real estate, she was a successful Marketing Director at Sony Music in NYC. She is especially beloved by sellers of luxury homes, since she can often call upon clientele from the Music Industry and the Sports World. As a result of her Island of Trinidad heritage, Marsha makes her a favorite with buyers and sellers who seek a relaxed experience through the stressful process of buying or selling a home. Her professional, yet down-home, style affords parents the opportunity to see even their children enjoying the home buying or selling process. And finally, Marsha is also a certified short sale and pre-foreclosure homes authority and can comfortably help sellers and buyers through this complex process.

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Phyllis Byrne, M.B.A.

Phyllis is an award-winning mortgage broker with Coldwell Banker Mortgage. Her dedication to service and to providing up-to-date lending rates and financing choices for The Balun-Boughton Preferred Team makes her a favorite with both buyers and sellers. With seven years at Coldwell Banker, a former Business Consultant, and an MBA in finance from The Stern School at NYU, Phyllis is by far the best!